Bike It - Western Lands Dumpling Tour 2013

Western Lands Dumpling Tour 2013

Want to bike and eat dumplings, all afternoon?

Saturday, April 13th, come join a friendly ride through some of San Francisco’s Western neighborhoods (Richmond, Sunset, West Portal), with stops at various dumpling shops along the way to get takeout to eat in nearby parks.

RSVP here by April 10th, and I’ll email out details a few days before the ride (if a huge number of people people sign up I may have to limit it to the first 30-40 so we don’t over-tax San Francisco’s dumpling production capabilities).

Bring $10 to pool for the dumpling-buying fund so that some people can ride ahead and buy them at each stop rather than each placing our own orders.

Riders of all backgrounds and families welcome— it will be about 15 miles, with one notable hill, at a casual pace with plenty of stops.

We’ll meet up at 10:30AM, at a location to be announced— 


(Oh, hi, I’m Max, just a guy who enjoys organizing rides, and an SF Bike Coalition member since 2008. I put together a dumpling tour with friends last year that went well, so wanted to try posting to the SFBC Chain Of Events and see if there’s broader interest…)